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Discover Your Inner Goddess 
in Just 4 weeks! 
Starting Saturdays February 13, 2021
Reserve Your Spot ~ Limited to 15 People

Sacred Feminine Healing Journey

Ready to awaken past memories, bring your shadows to light, and heal your subconscious blocks that are preventing you from reclaiming your power? 

YES?! Ok then... During this 4-week group healing program, we will be guided by Sophia, ISIS, Quan Yin, Lakshmi and Mary Magdalene to unlock your suppressed sacred feminine codes caused by lifetimes of patriarchal dominance and abuse. This program will help you heal core wounds so you can experience feminine freedom, sexuality and equality. Receive powerful light transmissions that will awaken your inner sovereign feminine nature.


​$177 - CAD

Activate Your Soul

Unlock suppressed imprints and heal core wounds. Clear blocks preventing you from seeing your true feminine self. Let go of previous persecution and prostitution traumas that are preventing you from owning your truth. Heal mother and father wounds that have you bound to bloodline so you recode soul memoires including emotional abuse and sexual trauma.

Awaken Your Truth

Shine light on your wounds helping you let go of patriarchal dominance and recode patterns of suppression. Safely unravel deep rooted fears of your past  Find your voice, learn to love who you are. Tap into your spiritual gifts. Align with your sacred feminine truth, as you take ownership of your power. 

Access Your Feminine Codes

Recognize your goddess within, as you integrate your awarenesses and align with your truth, which will illuminate your path. Discover compassion for yourself and others. Embrace personal freedom so you can reclaim your feminine sovereignty. Experience liberation and become open to receiving abundance in all areas of your life! 


During each of our 2 -hour sessions, we will begin with group discussion of past memories related to each session’s theme. In each 45-minute healing session, Natalie will connect directly to Source Energy. With assistance from Sophia and the Goddesses, she will channel healing energies and light codes, shared via her voice and light language. As Natalie embodies each of these Goddesses, her voice carries their frequencies, allowing for deeper healing for some, activations may be automatic. Hidden suppressed codes may be unlocked for those ready during these sessions. 

Are you ready to awaken past memories & bring your shadows to light?!…

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This program is for you if you...

  • Have feelings of anger and resentment towards others, or get easily triggered.  

  • Feel insecure in expressing your needs and asking for what you want, whether from a partner, family member or boss.

  • Are afraid to express your truth and authentic nature.

  • Tend to hide your spirituality.

  • Afraid of what others may think if you when expressing your spiritual truth, or not sure how to share more openly how you feel.

  • Suffer from codependency and/or have a hard time making commitments, become too attached or afraid to “get involved”.

  • Are afraid to fully open your heart, be vulnerable, deeply love, or afraid to let love in.

  • Experience family dysfunction that keeps you stuck in the chaos of others.

  • Have a history of repetitive emotional trauma with all your life partners.

  • Have trouble getting others to respect and value what is important to you.

  • Feelings of not being seen or heard, causing anger or neediness.

  • Fear of abandonment and betrayal.

  • Feelings of insecurity, doubts, fear of making decisions and taking action.

  • Difficulty expressing sexual needs, or feeling sexually repressed.

  • Afraid to express yourself sexually. 

  • Tend to close yourself off to men, especially intimately.

  • Fear of your sexual power or being “in charge” of your own pleasure.

  • Have unexplained fears that you cannot seem to shake.

The Journey Towards Empowering Your Inner Goddess...

Begins on the Path to Becoming Whole in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul!

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Here is what your program includes...

  • Four - 2-Hour Weekly LIVE Video Group Healing Sessions

  • Within 48-Hours of Signing-Up: You will receive an email with all details (if not received by then, make sure to check your spam mail.)

  • Interactive Exercises

  • Group Healing Energy Transmissions

  • On-Demand Recorded Sessions - Can't Attend? No problem! You will receive a recorded version.

  • Access to my Private Facebook Group

Are You Ready to take ownership of your vibration and become the leader of your own life so you can attract your deepest desires…

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Here is the schedule...

Video Calls will be held on the following Saturdays at:

12 pm PST; 1 pm MST; 2 pm CST; 3 pm EST; 8 pm UTC (LONDON)

5 am Monday GMT+11(Sydney Australia)

  • Week 1: February 13th: ISIS will lead this session, and the theme will be to address Priestess/Healer/Witch lifetimes where we have been persecuted for our practices and beliefs, and lived lives that limited our ability to be in committed relationship due to rules or lifestyle.

  • Week 2: February 20th: Quan Yin will lead this session, the theme will be to heal dysfunctional masculine wounds, patriarchal wounds, abuse and neglect and mistreatment by men, fear of men.

  • Week 3: February 27th: Lakshmi will lead this session. Theme will be on the throat chakra, abundance, the limits set forth on woman against learning and being independent, speaking truth.

  • Week 4: March 6th: Mary Magdalene will lead this session and theme will be on healing sexual traumas, sexual suppression, fear of sexual expression and clearing limiting beliefs on sexuality.

Are you ready to awaken past memories & bring your shadows to light?!…

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Sacred Success Stories


Nancy Lawson

I have had multiple sessions with Natalie. She works with angels, ascended masters and galactics. My favorite part about her is that she constantly learns new techniques and modalities, so she always has something cool to pull out of her "healing toolbox."


Vanna Ricard

Natalie is very gifted, with a deep and pure connection to the divine. My Reiki session was amazing. I had suffered from pain and stiffness in my neck and back. She helped to release it, and I now feel 100 lbs. lighter. She also used light language and delivered intuitive messages that were both powerful and eye opening.


Dr. Harmony

It was a pleasure to watch Natalie transform throughout her journey towards finding her voice, owning her truth and reclaiming her power. I am confident that if you follow her advice, you too will take ownership of your feminine power and become the leader of your own life!

Empowering Reviews

Limited Time Money-Back Guarantee

Making the decision to participate in ‘Sacred Feminine Healing Journey’ – Group Transmissions is an opportunity for you to empower yourself. Choosing to take personal responsibility for your trauma is the first step towards shifting from being powerless to becoming empowered. I am here to facilitate your journey as you awaken past memories, bring your shadows to light, and heal your subconscious blocks that are preventing you from reclaiming your power.

To create an intimate encounter, ‘Sacred Feminine Healing Journey’ – Group Transmissions is limited to 15 participants. Therefore, commitments are final within 48 hours of purchase. If you sign-up within 2 weeks of the first online session, there will not be a refund, so whichever comes first will apply. Otherwise, if for any reason ‘Sacred Feminine Healing Journey’ – Group Transmissions program is not right for you, you may cancel in writing for a full refund by emailing:

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