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Get to Know Me
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Hello Goddess...

I'm Natalie

Natalie Mary Grace is an intuitive energy healer and spiritual teacher helping clients heal ancestral wounds and awaken their inner-feminine Christ codes. She will help you move beyond past trauma as you embody your feminine sovereignty.

She is a Usui Reiki Master and certified advanced practitioner in IET (Integrative Energy Therapy).

Natalie is the creatrix of The Empowered Sacred Feminine Program, a three-step healing program that was divinely designed to help you release your blocks, re-code your DNA, and restore wholeness in mind, body, heart & soul so you can elevate into higher levels of crown consciousness and become the leader of your own life. Learn more here!

Her background is in holistic wellness that includes nursing, health coaching, integrative nutrition as well as functional medicine. Her own illness motivated her to take an empowered approach towards self-healing that put her on the path to restoring wholeness within.

Natalie is a naturally gifted, intuitive energetic reader who connects with your guides and delivers channeled messages from many angelic realms, including multiple ascended master and galactic light beings.

She is in constant communication with her guides who assist her with channeled wisdom and messages. She has the ability to tap into the highest frequency of love, light and energy, allowing her to support your highest good in an empowering way.

Her primary guides are Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Archangel Michael, Sophia, Mother Mary, Goddess and Angelic Frequencies, along with many galactics. The majority of the content Natalie creates is channeled wisdom from these team members that have taught her how to integrate all aspects of herself.

​It is Natalie’s mission to awaken and empower the God/ Goddess within her clients by helping them “wake up” to their true sacred-feminine self and become the highest version possible, as they remember just how powerful they already are. It is her desire to help others by channeling Divinely guided messages during her private sessions and programs that assist clients to find their inner voice, own their highest truth, take back their power and create a new identity.

Natalie is also the talk show host of her own weekly TV show The Empowered Sacred Feminine on her YouTube channel 

@ Magdalenes Wish 3311.

Natalie's Approach

Hello Goddess!

I have been a holistic nurse for more than 25 years. Holistic wellness has become the foundation for my approach to transformational healing, both personally and with clients.

I take into account your entire well-being and assess the impact that emotional, mental and spiritual traumas have on your physical health.

My sessions are dynamic and unpredictable. I follow the lead of my higher self and guides, as well as the client’s higher self. Know that you are safe, as your higher self oversees your healing process.

I use a variety of energy healing techniques including, Reiki (Usui Reiki Master), IET (Integrative Energy Therapy Advanced Practitioner), Arcturian Energy Healing, and Galactic Energy Healing (My own modality), along with several other techniques my guides have taught me directly.

Sometimes I use Channeled Light language for healing, which may include power activations to elevate your frequency.


With the assistance of my spiritual team, we will release fear, overcome traumas and pain, reprogram negative beliefs, patterns and habits that have blocked you from becoming your highest self.

During each session, we will release interference in your energetic light body helping you integrate your shadows, ego and inner child.

I love connecting heart-to-heart with my clients, providing a safe space for you to share your stories and concerns.


I realize one modality does not work for everyone. So I use a combination of my skills, holistic health and spiritual coaching experience. 

I believe that education is key. Helping clients to better understand themselves, their bodies, and the mind-body connection empowers them to become better stewards of their own health and wellness. 

As our planet moves through The Great Ascension with it's many energetic upgrades, so to does our collective, down to the cellular level within each and every one of us.  Energy work is one of many powerful tools that we bring into our sessions to assist you with integrating these intense Universal energies. Receiving energy work during these times can help to alleviate anxiety, emotional and/or mental distress, physical discomfort, as well as clear distortions or confusion in your field, assisting you to have a deeper understanding, deeper compassion, more acceptance, more love, while bringing more clarity to your work or personal awakening process. 

It is my passion to help you become the best version of yourself. That is why I am here to help you get through difficult times, while releasing your blocks with ease and grace.

Are You Ready to take ownership of your vibration and become the leader of your own life so you can attract your deepest desire?

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