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Ready to Empower Your Sacred Feminine?

I look forward to assisting you to heal ancestral wounds, dissolve distorted programs and empowers your sacred-feminine self. If you are ready to move beyond limiting beliefs and step into your feminine power with grace, let me help you dissolve your wounded soul imprints, release dysfunctional programming and activate your sacred feminine grid.

To schedule time with me is fast and easy.

If my availability does not accommodate your time zone, please email me at

for alternative options and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

NOTE: All Prices are Listed in Canadian Dollar Currency and all sessions are performed in a Zoom virtual chat room – access details will be provided upon booking your session and includes a recording.  

Please Scroll Down to View Booking Details For All Available Healing Sessions and Empowering Programs.

About Your Sacred Feminine Healing Session(s):

Hello Goddess...

Thank you for entrusting me to assist you in empowering your sacred-feminine self!

I understand first-hand the desire to connect with someone who has the ability to listen with love, compassion and empathy!

It is my goal to create a safe space for you to share from your heart without feeling judged.

During my Divinely guided and intuitive healing session(s), I will use a variety of healing tools, tips and techniques to support your empowering needs.

We may use one or a variety of the following:

Gentle Reiki, IET (Integrative Energy Therapy), or deeper healing with high-frequency Galactic Energy Healing that works directly with your higher-self and assist you with re-aligning with Source energy.  I work with Yeshua/Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Archangels and my healing team to remove energetic blocks, dissolve distorted programs, reprogram subconscious beliefs, clear past lives, complete soul contracts and release karmic vows.

I will channel your personal guides and tune into my team, and together we will open and clear your energetic system that includes chakras, meridians, and your light body template.

I look forward to helping you heal your past, awaken your inner goddess and embody your feminine sovereignty so you can become the leader of your own life!



Sacred Success Stories


Nancy Lawson

I have had multiple sessions with Natalie. She works with angels, ascended masters and galactics. My favorite part about her is, that she constantly learns new techniques and modalities, so she always has something cool to pull out of her "healing toolbox."


Vanna Ricard

Natalie is very gifted with a deep and pure connection to the divine. My Reiki session was amazing. I had suffered from pain and stiffness in my neck and back. She helped to release it, and I now feel 100 lbs. lighter. She also used light language and delivered intuitive messages that were both powerful and eye opening.


Dr. Harmony

It was a pleasure to watch Natalie transform throughout her journey towards finding her voice, owning her truth and reclaiming her power. I am confident that if you follow her advice, you too will take ownership of your feminine power and become the leader of your own life!

Empowering Reviews

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