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Our Higher Selves, Soul and Soul Star Chakra: Who are we on a Soul Level?

What is our Higher Self and How do we connect to them? Where do they sit in relation to our physical self? What is purpose of becoming our Higher Self? How do we reach this level of our Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment? How are we part of God Source Creator? Or are we just little humans forgotten by God?

These are Age Old Questions we have all asked at some point in our lives. Where are you on your path of Ascension now? Have you already connected to your Soul or Higher Self on some level but interested to know more? Have a look at my attached YouTube Video below, while reading this article to find out more.

Let's get started, shall we?

So, just how are we to know who we are, where we are meant to be in this lifetime, what our purpose is, what our spiritual gifts are or how to access them? The Answer lies within our Higher Self and Soul Star Chakra, (and of course, our own HEART and Soul). These are the KEYS to Who YOU ARE in the truest sense, and ALL of your MAGICAL Abilities you came here with in this lifetime are within your Soulstar Chakra and Higher Self. They OPEN the Doorway to your own inner, and Divine, Magical Kingdom of SELF, your own Kingdom of HEAVEN, which is your own GOD/DESS WITHIN YOU! Life is full of mysteries!

Your Soul Star Chakra sits just above your head, ranging from a few inches to 24 inches up. The Stellar Gateway, while some refer to it as a chakra, is more of an access point, or gate, sits between our head and Soul Star Chakra, the space between our physical self and our higher self. It is the Gateway beyond the Veil, leading us up our higher channel of light into our higher chakras.

When we come to this earth plane, we pass beyond the veil of forgetfulness. Most of us are born with amnesia, though **Not ALL!!** Most children born now are born awake and connected to their Higher selves, in some cases, to their past lives, Divine Guides, Angelic or Galactic Guides, or other aspects of self, and I feel that their Soul Star chakras are already connected to them at birth. (This subject of children is not my primary area of focus, but a fun one to learn and absolutely fascinating subject! Perhaps more another time on the subject.) These children are often identified as Crystal Children, or, more recently, Rainbow children. Check out this link on the subject Unfortunately, throughout life, this pure connection gets clouded by life, making it more and more challenging to be connected to our Divine Self.

For most of us, however, we enter this world limited in our spiritual knowing, spiritual abilities, who we are on a soul level, how we got here, where we came from, why we are here, and what we are meant to do. Most of us spend a large part of lives in search of these answers and truths of these mysteries, what our PURPOSE is, and WHO we are beyond our Human Ego Identity. These answers lie within many layers of self. This entire process, by the way, is what we call a Spiritual Awakening, which is Awakening to your True Divine Self, to know you are much more than your physical self.

While our Soul (which I discuss further in this YT Video here and our Subconscious whisper to us throughout our lives, our Soul Star Chakra is like a plug in to higher levels of consciousness, to a higher levels of pure light, and to the fullness of who we truly are, and who came here as in our Combined Human and Higher Self Identity. Mary Magdalene called this Anthropos, Fully Human, and Fully Divine. Read my article here on this subject:

How do we Connect to our Higher Selves?

IF and WHEN we Fully ALLOW this process and connection to our Higher Self, and we can sit in Stillness with ourselves, our Angels, guides, and Higher Self can then help us to open the connection between our Heart, our Human self, and our Higher self, and pull the Higher self closer to our Conscious Awareness, usually beginning at the Crown Chakra.

To help us unite to our Higher Self, our Truest Divine Self, sit quietly in meditation and ask your Angels and Guides to help you to connect to your Heart, your Soul, and then to make a clear pathway to your Higher Self.

  • We ask you to say this prayer to Archangel Michael (or Chosen guide, however they specified this to me) to aid in this process: "Dear Archangel Michael, could you please clear my channel of light so that it may be connected to my higher self and to feel his or her love come down into me now." Take a deep breath and feel his energy come in to help clear your channel.

  • Breath Deeply into your chakras, your channel, and envision a tube of light going up your chakras, entering at the feet and going up to Root Chakra (your perinium/tailbone area), then up your spine, up to top of your head, and beyond that, envision your channel of light rising above your head by about 1-2 feet, piercing through a thin membrane, into a ball of light, this is your higher self location.

  • You can also request AA Michael to clear your energy overall, clearing your energy, your chakras, your lightbody and your codes, asking him to take away negative, dense energies, to clear energy blocks, to remove lower vibrational energies, entities or attachments you may be holding onto.

  • Deep inner Soul Work, Shadow Work, Inner Child work, all help in your inner work process of healing, making way for more light to enter in.

This is a process that takes time to achieve, and is not generally a "plug in and done" sort of thing. It can be, however, when we are FULLY clear of debris, inner conflicts, blocks, beliefs, fears, wounds, lower energies, insecurities, in addition to being WILLING and ABLE to release the majority of your Human EGO self.

Ego is one of the biggest blocks we have to becoming our Divine Highest Aspect of SELF. Ego likes to keep it safe, small, simple, holding onto control. Becoming your higher self takes a lot of Trust, Surrender, Love for Self and your Higher self, and releasing resistance you may have to your next stage of life, or your next level of your Spiritual awakening.

What secrets does your Higher Self have in store for you? I am happy to work with you in one on one sessions for deeper soul work. Take a look here for single sessions,

For deeper inner soul work and healing, my 9 session Empowered Sacred Feminine Program may be of interest to you,

In conclusion:

I see the Soul Star Chakra, along with our Higher Self, as a keeper of our Divine wisdom. Our Conduit to the upper realms of Heaven, of light, part of our channel of light, our gateway to more wisdom, of our Divine Self. Our connection to the Angels, Guides, Divine light beings, or even to ancestors or those whom have passed on to the other side. It holds our Purpose in life, our Akashic records are accessed here through help of our higher self, even finding out what your Soul Contracts says about your life, including purpose, mission, beyond that, the lessons you need to learn, the karma you need to clear, or past life traumas you need to heal. Spiritual gifts are also accessed here.

In My personal experience, it has been my guides and my higher self aspects performing healings on me, soul activations, and activations of sacred spiritual gifts, including my energy healing abilities, as well as my channeling and light language abilities. It has been my higher self that has held my hand throughout many of life's situations, my higher self who has stepped in to become me, or take over, during challenging times, or during soul sessions and healing work with clients.

It was one of my higher self aspects who spoke through me at my mother's funeral while I stood up to give an totally unprepared speech, which, by the way, my family told me how much they could feel "as if someone else was speaking through me", "like it came from another place beyond here".

Our higher self is a place of Pure light, Pure Unconditional Love, devoted to watch over us, or to become us if and when ready, to gently redirect us or nudge us when we need their guidance, or help to get back on track, or to a better place. They are like us, they ARE US, but in a best friend, and sometimes parental/mentor/teacher, sort of way. In a PURE way, without the affects of life and living in this lower earth-plane reality. They will step in to take charge when its needed. Our higher self does not judge us, shame us, or belittle us. They are US, in the purest sense of the word. But beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness, which I discuss in detail in my video, so be sure to watch it!

When we activate and connect to our Soul ßtar chakra, we are then able to have a more direct relationship with Divine, and have perhaps even spiritual abilities become accessible.

Thank you for taking time to watch my live video to have more in depth explanations with a cool diagram I drew to teach these concepts and more! This is like a Free Mini One hour Class! So take it all in. 💕🥰😘🌹🙏✨

Much love to everyone here!

Thank you,

Natalie Sophia Grace ❤💕✨

About Natalie:

Natalie is an intuitive energy healer, with a background in nursing and holistic health coaching. Her work is centered in Christ Consciousness energy, working with Christ energy and Source energy, channeling through high levels of light, to work with your guides, your higher self, your physical self, to bring in clearing, healing, alignment and activations, to become aligned to your soul mission, or simply your best empowered version of yourself.

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