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Creating A Life of Dreams Fulfilled

18 Tips & Guideposts for: Living the life you wish to live. Building Success. Creating you Life With Resilience, Passion, Authenticity & Alignment.

There are many moving parts within our lives, of what drives us, of what works for us, or how to manifest in our reality the wishes fulfilled, and how to live with Empowerment, no matter the outcomes in your life. Building a state of trust within yourself is our first goal here today. Where are we heading now? Where have we been? Where are we needing to be, or wishing to be? Where are we stuck? How on earth do we do this thing called life?

These are the questions we can listen to in our hearts, to breath into, to receive, then let them sit while you work through your day, to take time to let them work through your consciousness, your heart, your energy bodies, so they may be received within your soul, your levels of awareness, so that you may be in better alignment within your life journey.

During my own life I have come up with these tools, tips and concepts, to help you get into a better place of understanding of our work together with divine here on planet Gaia. This life, its not simple, yet, there are simpler approaches to our hardest parts of life. Where choices need to be made, or understanding of one self a little better is needed.

How to Achieve Success in Everyday life.

Here is my list, in point form to keep it simple:

1. Believe in yourself! Its about believing in your self, that you have the courage and power within you to create the life you wish to live.

2. Trust and Faith in our skills, higher self, of divine, of ourselves and our own abilities, of our oversoul, in Source/God/Creator/Divine to help us to create the life we wish to live.

3. Non-Attachment to how things will turn out or show up, open expectations of how things show up in your life. If you wish for a family, how will this show up? Does it mean you birth your own children, or perhaps adopt, or have a second marriage in which the spouse’s children become your own in a sense?

4. Living in the Flow of Life, or the TAO. Learn how to create workflows that sustain our success. Listening to Wayne Dyer in his book “Change your Thoughts, Change Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao”, he takes us through the verses of the Tao Te Ching written over 2500 year ago by Lao Tzu. Within these pages, we learn much more of how to live life to our fullest, and how to work within the energy flow of the Tao. The Tao, which means "The Way", is all about energy flow of life or of our CHI energy, so when we are in a state of clarity, with connection to Source, to Divine, when our energy system or chakras are open, unblocked, ideas, thoughts, concepts, or divine support, flows through. Our higher self or our divine guides can connect to us or flow into us. Ideas seem to just “appear” and thoughts or visions or words just seem to flow through us. This is working with the Tao. When we are in alignment with open energy, doing what we are meant to be doing, we are in the flow of life. Knowing how to work with this flow is key to overcoming our blocks, or lack of productivity or creativity. Allow Divine To Guide you through your energy body. This helps feel the flow of life much smoother, without resistance or feeling so stuck. If you are needing help with this, to heal and help clear energy or mental blocks, please click below to book an energy healing and soul blueprint re-alignment session to better help you feel the clarity and flow of energy through your own Tao.

5. Resilience. Learning how to get back up after stumbling, failing, falling, or not doing well enough at things you set out to do. Never giving up on yourself. Allowing yourself to be moved by spirit, or be moved to new path, or guided to the best path of highest self.

6. Allowing yourself to be led by Divine and your guides, and being inspired by others or by Spirit themselves, listening to your intuition on how to follow your heart, your soul. What steps to take. Allowing Signs and Synchronicities to help lead the way, paying attention to them. Follow the signs.

7. Reassessing your reality: Having accountability in your normal daily life, do my choices and dreams have realistic outcomes? In which way do they support my life, family, or work? Or are they merely fantasies? Are we ready to live our dreams now, or do we have more work, learning, timeliness to work on here?

8. Patience and Trust in the Divine Timing of life, some things just need time to be birthed, or to come into our reality in divine timing. The ideas, perhaps concepts, or dreams if you will, sit in our hearts, thoughts, or the ethers, for months, or years, as if a seed deep in the mud. We create them first within our thoughts, then thoughts into visions, then visions into complete ideas, then ideas into action. But it begins first in thought form, in energetic field. And When the ideas or thought forms are ready to come into our pathway, we will know it, when we begin to feel it deeply within our bones. Then watch the signs take fruit in your work, when things begin to show up, to align, the energy will just feel different, it will feel aligned and things just flow and have a life of their own.

9. Know when to turn around or change direction. When you keep hitting blocks, walls, roadblocks, deals fall apart, people not showing up, the support is just not there, there is lack of alignment. It could be it just is not meant to be, or not time yet. So be willing to take a step back to re-evaluate the situation, to meditate and pray on it, to see how god could guide you here. Where to go next? This is where patience and faith enter.

10. Determination is another big one here, how determined are you and willing to go the distance and how much devotion to the purpose do you have?

11 Ask yourself “what is my WHY?” Why am I doing this? What is my reason? What drives my passion or my purpose? What is my motive behind my goals, dreams, or jobs? To earn more money, or to support a specific cause, outcome, or mission? To Feel good about your life or to embrace more love, joy, peace, acceptance, and integrity in your life? To do things that support a cause for a greater good of your overall life, or contribution towards helping humanity to grow, learn, heal, or thrive? If your passion is where it is at, then follow the things that you are passionate about. How does it feel in your heart?

12.Visualization and Feeling. Taking time to FEEL the dreams come true. What does it feel like as if it is here Now? Take time to Meditate on this, feel it as if it is here now. What does it look life, feel like, act like in your mind, in your heart? Creating a Vision board is a powerful huge tool here. One can create an overall Vision board for overall life, or, for a specific goal, dream, or outcome. It could just be for the trip of a lifetime, your dream job, dream home, or mission and success in your heart and soul’s goals. Don’t be afraid to dream big! We tend to limit ourselves because we don’t think we could possibly do this thing that Spirit has asked of us. But why else would God, or our Guides, push us to do certain tasks or mission goals, if we are not able to? Yes, be realistic. Set high goals, then, even if you get halfway there, you still have created a huge success in your life!

13. Gratitude for every day, every lesson learned, every task accomplished, every step taken, every challenge overcome or moved through. Take time to write them down and celebrate the small successes in life no matter how trivial. This helps the Universe bring in more of the good stuff! Plus it gets you pumped up and cheering your overall self on, take time to celebrate life, to enjoy it, to love yourself and love the journey of the work, of life, of living.

14. Remember why you are here. We are here, to learn, to love, to become love, to live the best lives we can. So, whatever that ends up looking like, there is success in simply just living life with love, compassion, gratitude, and awe and wonder for our glorious planet GAIA. Then, no matter what else did or did not work out, there is still your love, your light, your empathy, your heart, your effort, your presence, your experience, that made the difference in your own world, and with those around you.

15. Its about the Journey. To augment the previous point, this life is about learning, our soul experience, our growth on a soul level, or human level, within our soul experience. Enjoy the steps, the in-between phases of life, enjoy the journey, take time to smell the flowers along the way, take time to enjoy life, live life to its fullest, to have fun, to laugh and love as much as you can, to embrace everything that shows up, and life life with the magical wonder of a child, this, then flows within your heart, your soul, within your energy field, to help manifest the joy and glee in your life, and of course, knowing the Law of Attraction concepts, only attracts more of this same joy and glee and wonder into your lives.

16. Don't settle for small. We tend to settle for less, or to Underestimate our dreams, abilities, or what we deserve. Fears block us, beliefs block us, belief we are not smart enough, strong enough, or have enough to do what we wish to do, often get in the way and are dream killers. Or the belief that we not worthy of the things we wish to have, do, or accomplish in life. Or places to go to, or to become. Why not? Like it or not, you are here to stay in this position of greatness, so let reality dictate where you go to next. Let life be as Grand or as small as you wish it to be. Just know, whatever your chose, be sure it is what brings you joy. Living Big within your HEART and SOUL can carry much more meaning and value than Living BIG within your EGO, Material Possessions, or list of accolades and achievements, or large bank account. Is it okay to wish for material success? Can Material success be in alignment with our spiritual journey? You bet, just as long as it is in alignment with love, your heart, your soul, and with integrity, then all the success you generate is yours and to be embraced, and live with Joy. God/Creator wishes for us to be fulfilled with love, joy, peace, and Abundance in our lives. It is our Divine Right to have or create abundance

17. Live life on your own Terms. in order to follow our dreams, and live them, we have to know ourselves truly, to know our hearts, our souls desires, our purpose, and to live life to its fullest, on our own terms, in our own way, in the way that brings us happiness, joy, peace, longevity, passion, or satisfaction in the completion of the things we do. If the simplest of things brings you joy, such as raising a family, growing a garden, playing with the pets, or weekends at the lake, then what more is there to bring in to your life? If if feels rich, fulfilled, and full of love, then, you are in the right place. Enjoy it. But don't do things because it is an expectation of society, of your role, of your family, or of your own school of thought. Take time to examine your own beliefs, are they in alignment with your heart and soul? Or are they someone else's values, beliefs, standards, or expectations?

18. Faith is number one key to success in anything in life, whether it is long term goals and dreams, or just getting through the rough spots in life and difficult times we all pass through.

When I finished completing this blog, I checked in to channel my guides, they said to me: "Now what is it we need to do to listen to our own advice"? then they said, in their beautiful humor:

"I should listen to my own brilliant soul."

So, dear friends, take my advice here, and listen to your own Brilliant Soul, for IT KNOWS the WAY, and only you, your soul, your heart, can take you to where you need to be, or go, or help you manifest your own dreams. Not someone else's dreams, or expectations, or beliefs, but your own. Listen, dear ones, listen. Then, your soul will whisper in your ear what it is you are here to do.

Need help with guidance to find your way in your path? We can help through our soul sessions where we bring in your guides, your higher self, or divine guides, or reaching out to the akashic records, to help bring clarity to your purpose in life, or to help understand the things in your life now, whether there is a karmic lesson that needs completion, or lessons period, or a wound that needs to be healed, before you are fully able to step into your fullness of your soul power, then please take a look at my services, I am so happy to be here to help you thrive, and to know your truest soul self, to help clear the fears, blocks, beliefs and help you find the energetic alignment or understanding of your purpose here on earth. Here is a link to book sessions, whether energy healing session or soul sessions. Sometimes too, soul retrieval, activations, or code clearing, is all that is needed to help you get into better alignment with life.

Thank you for being here, for being you, for showing up, today, we take time to learn these things, to embrace them, embody them, and to love our journey, where ever we are, with love, compassion, grace, and ease.

Much love everyone,

Natale Mary Sophia Grace.


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