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Ascension Upgrades: A Message from Company of Heaven

This past few weeks, I have both personally experienced and witnessed challenges with the current ascension energies, watching many struggle through bouts of fear, doubt, anxiety, and needing to go within to regroup. During my chat with my guides, the Company of Heaven came in with a message to share, and I asked them for their advice for dealing with difficult energies, triggers, and life changes.

"There is a sense of excitement among the Company of Heaven for the big shifts humanity is undergoing at this time. We have been observing tremendous shifts in your personal lives as well as for the overall collective. We sense many lightworkers who are very advanced struggle over these past few weeks and are wondering why they struggle to point of wanting to give up their work on the planet or at very least, step back from the spiritual community.

Streams of light are pouring into your planet that bring intense energies and light codes.

We suggest doing your very best to allow the energies to penetrate your hearts and bodies, and to allow the energies to heal and activate you. These energies will stir up dormant codes, and awaken them within your DNA strands, to be activated. As these energies come in, old wounds may be triggered. We observe that a lot of old wounds, and cycles of thought patterns are showing up again for many, so please take heart, dear ones, we all see great progress with humanity."

Natalie: What tips or suggestions do you have to help in this shift, and help better receive these codes of light?

COH: We suggest you allow energy healing to assist you with integration of the new codes and activations, and to clear away old fears, wounds, and programs, and to assist in the upgrade process.

Please visit here to schedule energy healing session

Natalie: Can you explain the upgrade process and why the collective experiences these triggers and difficult periods?

COH: Energy upgrades are a twostep process. In order to make room for DNA upgrades the human body must allow old, outdated beliefs, programming and wounds to be cleared out and healed before upgraded codes can come in to be activated.

Exactly right, Natalie says it is like taking out the old clothes that no longer suit or fit you to make room for new wardrobe in your closet.

Natalie: What other tips do you have for people for how to manage the current energies, upgrades, and triggers?

Ten Tips to Manage Ascension Energies and Challenging Life Changes:

We suggest taking frequent salt baths to help clear away negative lower energies and support the grounding and healing process.

✨Finding a sense of calm and peace while centering in the body is really important to support the human vessel, body, mind and soul, while transitioning into the higher frequencies of ascension.

✨ Taking walks in nature and plenty of fresh air is also very helpful to clear your energy and reset your mind.

✨Taking a break from social media, doing a social media detox for a few days to weeks can also help clear our fears and programming and distortions, to find your own center and truth within, and find clarity within, rather than seek externally. You will know when it is time to reconnect socially and with whom and how much.

✨Stay focused on the present moment as much as possible. Remain centered in your body and grounded.

✨Remain heart centered and try not to judge yourself or set limits on yourself or others.

✨Practice patience, with self and others. This is a tremendous process you are all undergoing to become light beings. (over much time of course).

✨Allow for growth and expansion and release resistance as you are meant to be experiencing these upgrades. Trust you can handle this!

✨Allow for plenty of water, rest, and meditation.

✨Tune into your body’s needs, and allow it to grieve the past old self, give yourself plenty of hugs, love, and compassion.

Remain grounded as you can sense a lot of new energy coming in which is very energizing however new higher consciousness can trigger as well, since it is a higher frequency. Anxiety, fear, anger, and doubt can be triggered, and have been playing out for almost all of the lightworkers the past few weeks, even if for brief moments.

·✨ When old wounds are triggered, allow yourself to observe them as your present awakened self, not the old self which first experienced the trauma. Remember you are not re-experiencing the old wounds, they are simply coming up to be seen, felt, loved, forgiven and released once and for all. One must be willing to let go of the past, which means allowing pain, fear, anger, resentment, and attachments to the past and to wounds to dissolve and no longer be part of your current story or timeline, or part of your excuses upon which you set limits. Otherwise, self-sabotage may ensue.

✨Staying present and not focusing on the past, or fear of the future, helps to bring new energy to each and every moment. Give each moment a fresh new chance and opportunity to try again. The mistakes, wounds and patterns of the past do not have to remain in your present moment. The more you can allow the past to release its hold on you, the more room you make for these energy upgrades and codes to come in to assist you with your soul growth.

Yeshua popped in to add this: “Our scripture studies today (we are currently studying the book of Judges, full of drama, ups and downs, a lot of redemption, with many second chances for the people of Israel) shows us how being in a state of Grace with God helps so we allow for fresh new starts and chances with all things.”

Despite the struggles of the world we see today, and among individuals, humanity is making great progress forward on the ascension path. Trust yourselves and the process and allow in the divine timing of all things to play out on the world stage. What is crumbling in large numbers, will simply make room for the new way of New Earth.

We are the Company of Heaven and we are pleased to bring you this transmission.” 🕊😇

The most important thing to remember, is that while we fear changes and struggle at times, these changes are for the best and highest good for ourselves, and for all of humanity.

Channeled by Natalie Mary Magdalene 🌹🕊🙏

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Carla Malcuit
Carla Malcuit
Mar 29, 2021

This was very helpful, thank you!

Mar 29, 2021
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Very welcome! ❤

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