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Anthropos: The Fully Realized Human Being.

Where are you not feeling self-acceptance but self-denial in the process of your ascension journey?

I wish to share a bit of what I learned during my session with a client today, on the topic of becoming our higher self, while remaining grounded in our human state and experience.

Today in a session with an Empowered Sacred Feminine program client, after we reviewed her intake questionnaire, we felt into where we needed to begin. We started with the understanding that our rejection wounds from our mother and/or father wounds create rejection wounds within our own self and within our identity, on multiple levels. This, of course, brought up a great discussion with my divine guide team, my higher self, and during the session with the client. I wish to share more what came out of my discussions both in session and after the session with my team, as we reflected on the topics.

I share here because these experiences are just that, shared. In doing this work we learn that we can learn from one another, and in mirroring one another's stories we learn more of our own true nature, through the reflection of others.

The one thing I wish to share here is more specific to rejection of our higher self, or, of our human self. In discussion with my guides, I said that we witness this in many, how many are either rejecting one or the other aspect of themselves. They are either In denial of the higher self, of divine, not wanting to be in surrender to them, remaining in ego/human self in order to remain in control. Or, we fall into trap of rising up out of the 3D world into the Ethers, channeling, connecting with spirits, guides, angels, ascended masters and living in the higher realm world, while rejecting the human self or the 3D physical reality and world, including the people that still exist within this world.

In doing so, we reject our own humanness, including the people still very much existing in their 3D lives, selves and world. I have witnessed this in many others, either just not wanting to step up to the plate of becoming their higher selves, out of fear or resistance, or opposite, of running from their human mismatched selves, avoiding of their shadow selves, or mistakes and responsibilities within the earthly world.

Now there is a purpose behind all of this, there is a pathway to learning, while we ascend. We learn here that our higher self is here to stay, we embody our higher self, we become our divine self.

This pathway is here to stay, for you to learn and grow with, but this message is really to help you take time to understand in fullness where we are meant to be growing in our collective experience.

There is purpose to learning the higher realms and opportunities for growth exist in these higher dimensional realms. Individually, we also learn from our human experiences and must remember that our souls are coming here to have a human experience.

It is through these challenges in our earthly lives that our souls grow, learn, and heal. So, we cannot reject this part of or existence, otherwise we reject many lessons and opportunities for soul growth, and for healing the collective.

I myself have been there, on both sides, going through a period where I was my higher self and self-identifying as my divine self, ignoring my earthly identity and circles, and then I was opposite, rejecting the higher self, pushing Divine away, only wishing to be my human self, wanting to be control, resisting my own truth, my own magnificence, my own inner power. (Because, on a soul level, We are ALL Magnificent and Powerful!)

I went from hating myself, only wanting to be this perfect Ascended Master self, or Angelic Self, (or for some, a Star Seed self ) which only created Separation of myself from the World, and separation within myself, creating a split , and type of psychosis in a sense, because I compartmentalized each of my identities, or aspects, to loving and fully accepting all of my human self, shadow, inner child, as well as each and every one of my higher self aspects and all of my higher self as a whole. Everything that makes me who I am. So now, I embrace both my higher self and my human self. As she integrates fully with my human self, we become one whole fully realized human being.

To be a Fully Realized Human being, this means we Realize that we are Spiritual beings of light, that we are Divine, BUT, we are here to have a human experience.

We come to earth for various reasons, ranging from personal growth and healing, to clearing karma, to brining in the essence of Divine into our everyday lives, to help in the Earth’s growth, healing and expansion.

We realize that we are both, spiritual beings having a human experience, and it means that we have embodied our higher selves, while grounding this into our physical world, integrating with all of life.

This is a level of inner work that must be done in order to transcend the human separation experience. That we are all essentially from One great Source/God energy of origination.

This is the goal, to not reject either/or. Therefore, we create balance within our own lives, in a grounded energy, while embodying our highest aspect of self. Integration happens here. Then at this stage, the higher self no longer feels as if they are outside of us, or embodying us as a guest, or like they are intruding on our lives, but they then feel like they become us in a fully organic process, where there is no longer separation between the two.

The two become one- integrated whole being, to become Anthropos, as Mary Magdalene calls it. Which means To be both Fully Human and fully Divine, “Wholey” Being.

I write this today with the embodied energetic support of Sophia, Combined with Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, AA Michael and Yeshua, we worked together intensively within the realm of spirit today. So much so that our two hour session felt like 5 minutes to me, or even 5 seconds, total Quantum field work!!

I express my deepest gratitude to both my client and my guide team, in sharing these lessons, as we embrace learning, growth, expansion, and INNERstanding of our Human experience.

Just before I began creating this Blog, I wrote the following message from my own guides on this subject, which evolved into this entire lesson today:

“Higher Self Rejection comes because of Fear, but the human wants to be in charge so he or she pushes away Divine altogether including higher self, until the human accepts that he or she is BOTH: equally his/her human self and his/her divine higher self. Until humanity learn to accept both equally, including their shadow self, they won’t be able to fully accept their true nature, perpetually rejecting parts of themselves.” Mother Mary with Mary Magdalene

It is important to take time to learn the levels of our learning, our growth, which only serve to expand us more fully into our Divine Anthropos Selves.

Phases of learning, while each in of themselves, may not appear to be fully Aligned, but yet, they are, because they simply serve our process of learning, growth and expansion, for deeper understanding of who we are, of our true nature, what is means to be both human and divine. But we learn through our shared experiences, and in doing so, can take what applies to us, and go into these microcosms of wisdom for the expansion of our own soul growth.

In closing, I thank you for your time to take in these lessons of our growth, reflection and understanding.

Much Love,

Natalie Mary Grace

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