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7 Tips to Overcome Moments of Fear, Doubt & Panic

Facing fears can be one of the most daunting tasks we as humans are asked to do over a course of our lifetimes, many times over. Insecurities tend to come up when we least expect them. It seems that the moment or day you decide to accomplish a new task, which you have had on your mind and have had excitement has been building, the insecurities, doubts, and fears decide to show up.

The phrase, “Believe in yourself,” is a common piece of advice. But, what does it really mean? Although part of it is self-confidence, there’s a deeper meaning to be found and appreciated.

Believing in yourself is about self-awareness. Deep down, you know what you’re able and unable to do. When you believe in yourself, others are unable to pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do. On the other hand, no one can hold you back from doing something you know you can do.

We decide in our minds ahead of time what it is we wish to accomplish, perhaps tackling on a new project, shifting paths in a new direction, learning a new skill, decide to start a business. As we formulate these plans in our minds, excitement builds. It all sounds so amazing! Who doesn’t want to build a dream? It may also be the building up the courage to leave a job, to move, or have a difficult conversation with someone close to you. We imagine in our minds what we wish to do, what we wish to say or write, and all of the plans are laid out in our minds.

When it comes time to put ideas into motion, we hit a wall. We run, we hide, we freeze. We may go into doubt and negative self-talk or go into fight of flight mode. And when we do this, we shut our energy down, our energy contracts, chakras begin to close, and blocks can develop.

The Importance of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem needs to be cultivated, just like a garden. Weeds, in the form of negative self-talk, can creep in at any time. High self-esteem can help you communicate better, make you more decisive, earn you the respect of others, and allow you to maintain your integrity.

Increasing your self-esteem becomes an exercise in writing a self-fulfilling prophecy. As you build your confidence, you’ll empower yourself to achieve more in your personal and professional lives.

Examples of how thoughts and words create blocked or underactive chakras, sometimes closing them completely:

  • When we say “I am not good enough for this” or “I am not worthy of this job, or this relationship”, or “I don’t need your help, I can do this alone, our heart chakra becomes blocked.

  • When we say “I don’t know enough, I am not smart enough,”, or when we ignore important information coming to us, whether from a mentor, our spiritual guides, or our higher selves, our crown and solar plexus become blocked. (and likely, throat chakra, as this simply is not true!)

  • If we ignore information or refuse to see the bigger picture or look at vital information, or are not honest with ourselves, failing to see a wound, or the real reason for our fear and insecurities to be showing up in the first place, this can block the third eye. Essentially, refusing to see things.

  • When we speak negative words, negative self-talk, say things that are not true, saying unloving words, our throat chakra becomes blocked. Additionally, if we do not allow ourselves the opportunity to speak our truth, or to say or write what needs to be expressed, and clam up, in an act of avoidance and fear, this too will close the throat chakra or create a block.

  • If we do not allow ourselves to express ourselves creatively, whether artistically or through creation of a project, or to receive and express love through intimacy, the sacral chakra may be blocked.

  • If we allow fear to take us over, and think worst case scenario, and doubt our abilities to create financial success and safety for ourselves through use of our own creative skills, our root chakra can close up. The root is also impacted from worrying about what others may think, fearing for our integrity or safety in moving forward with a project or life changing event.

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Your Mind is Powerful

With every negative thought, belief, and word we think, feel or utter, those words become like spells on our energy system. We program our energy body, our chakras and meridians, and our auric layers with our thoughts, words, and beliefs. These words and heard loud and clear by our subconscious mind. And our subconscious mind is wonderful at keeping score of every single thing we say, feel and think, whether accurate or not.

The subconscious mind will also project fear onto our path, especially in moments of truth, and in moments of needing to show up for ourselves or others. When we thought we had the answers we suddenly feel ourselves hitting the proverbial brick wall of panic, doubt and fear, and that little voice in our head says “Are you sure you want this? Wouldn’t you rather just take the easy road? Remember what happened last time you tried this?” It takes an enormous amount of self-trust to push through these moments of doubt, fear, anxiety, and feelings of being stuck or blocked.

So what to do when we are hit with insecurities, doubts, fear, and panic?

If you find yourself running into these situations, running from things, avoidance, in fear, panic, or simply blocked and cannot seem to move forward even though you WANT to, then it is time to pause and take a step back. It is time to shift into neutral gear, or Zero Point. This means to slow down the mind to point where you come to a place of what the Taoists call “Wu-Wei”, or the action of non-action, and “Wu-Nien”, the thought of non-thought. Find your stillness, breathe, and meditate, even for five minutes, to clear your mind. Center into the present moment, because fear only exists in the future.

Here are some specific steps to take to shift out of fear and become unstuck:

  1. Take a break and pause. Breathe. Find your stillness in your breathe. Place your left hand on your heart and right hand over your abdomen, and focus on your breathe, taking slow deep easy breathes. Ask your higher self to clear your mind.

  2. Center into your heart chakra. Once you find stillness, focus on your heart chakra, and get out of your head. As you breathe in, focus on your breathe heading straight to your heart, and set intention to breathe in the energy of love. You may wish to ask your guides or higher self to pull in Pink ray light from Source into your heart chakra. Sit with your eyes closed, breathing pink light into your heart chakra, and visualize your heart like a lotus flower, opening wider with each deep breath, and filling with light.

  3. Feel your connection to Source to the Universe, to the Angels and higher realms, and to your higher self. Know that you are infinitely connected to all of these, and that you are a part of them. You are an aspect of Source and are Source! Imagine the power that Source has! Now remember that the power of Source is seeded within you! You are a God-Spark of Creation! More than that bag of bones and flesh! You are Magnificent!

  4. Remember your Light. You came from light and are made from light and are light. Light is wisdom, or information. Darkness is lack of knowledge. When we go into fear mode, this pulls our frequency down, and into a darker state, into an illusion of darkness, because it is an illusion. When we remember our light, we remember the innate wisdom that we were created with and have access to. Visualize yourself being filled with Golden or Diamond White light from Source, or any colors that you are drawn to. See yourself being filled with light, and visualize all your fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs, all being dissolved with this light. Hold this for at least 5 minutes.

  5. Affirmations and Mantras. We can clear the effects of negative self-talk, thoughts, beliefs, with positive thoughts and words. We can reprogram our minds, and in doing so, sending a message to our subconscious mind of how we want them to behave and act. Repeating positive affirmations daily in the morning and before bed helps to reprogram and repattern your thoughts and beliefs. Repeat the affirmations anytime you find yourself in fear or doubt, as this is key to quickly shifting back up to a positive state.

  6. Get up and move!! Shake it off Baby!! When I get stuck, I get up and move. I may walk around the house, pet my dog, grab a snack, do some dishes, to help shift my energy. Going outside for a few minutes to clear my mind, or if really stuck or feeling frustrated, head for a walk, preferably in nature, as trees have a cleansing effect on our energy. Music and dancing are great ways to shift out of fear, anxiety, and being too much in our heads, and raises our frequency. A short yoga session is another way to shift your energy and relieve tension, so get on your mat! As we raise our frequency back up with body movement, it strengthens our aura and helps our mind to clear.

  7. Energy Healing. Fears and blocks can be tricky, and are commonly related to a past life trauma, and with assistance of a healer, can be cleared with assistance of the angels. While chakras can be relatively easy to open and clear with mantras, inner work and healing music, the meridian points are trickier and require deeper energy healing through Integrative Energy Therapy, a technique that I incorporate into my healing sessions. IET will pull the blocks through all the auric layers of the energy body and clear the blocks that become embedded into the cellular memory of our tissues, including those of past lives. We then reprogram the DNA with positive attributes, instilling feelings of innocence, safety, love, support, trust, clarity, and ease.


Fear, panic, doubt, and negativity can be quite destructive in nature, and have a negative impact on your path and timeline going forward. Simply put, they can derail you. What you must always remember, is that you ALWAYS have the power to pick yourself back up and get back into alignment and to keep moving forward. The power lies within, the knowing lies within of what you must do, and how to move forward. Keep on moving forward, despite fear. Make peace with yourself, with your emotions, love yourself through the doubts and fears, and never give up on your dreams.

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