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The Journey Towards Empowering Your Inner Goddess...

Begins on the Path to Becoming Whole in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul!

Ready to Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Power Gracefully?

You can't fully embrace your goddess divinity until you heal your past trauma, awaken your feminine Christ codes and embody your sovereignty! 

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Hello Goddess...

I'm Natalie


I am a spiritual healer and ascension teacher who assists women to heal ancestral wounds and awaken their inner feminine Christ codes. If you are ready to move beyond limiting beliefs and step into your feminine power with grace, let me help you dissolve your wounded soul imprints, release dysfunctional programming and activate your sacred feminine grid.

I am the creatrix of The Empowered Sacred Feminine Program, Divinely designed to help you restore wholeness so you can fully embody your feminine sovereignty, and elevate into higher levels of crown consciousness.

I encourage you to take ownership of your vibration and become the leader of your own life so you can attract your deepest desires…

I’ve got the Key Codes to the Queendom.


Let’s Unlock Your Dreams!

Sacred Feminine Healing & Programs


Feminine Healing Sessions

If you need clarity and direction, my private sessions will help you heal your ancestral wounds, awaken your inner-feminine Christ codes and empower your feminine self, so you can find your inner voice, own your highest truth and embody your highest Light of Source Self. 

Sacred Feminine Programs

If you are ready to dive deeper, my

 1-on-1 empowerment program will assist you to empower your Goddess within, “wake up” to your true sacred feminine identity, and remember just how powerful you already are. During these weekly sessions, I will help you release your blocks, re-code your DNA, and reclaim your feminine power!

Group Healing Transmissions

If you are ready to awaken your femininity, this 4-week group program will help you unlock your suppressed sacred feminine codes and heal core wounds so you can experience feminine freedom, sexuality and equality. Receive powerful light transmissions that will awaken your inner sovereign feminine nature.


Introducing: The Empowered Sacred Feminine Program

Ready to empower your Goddess within, “wake-up” to your true sacred feminine identity, and remember just how powerful you already are? 

YES?! Ok then... I will help you empower your sacred femininity. This 9-session

program will help you heal past traumas, activate your inner feminine Christ codes, take back your power and embody your sacred feminine sovereignty.


Nancy Lawson

I have had multiple sessions with Natalie. She works with angels, ascended masters and galactics. My favorite part about her is that she constantly learns new techniques and modalities, so she always has something cool to pull out of her "healing toolbox."


Vanna Ricard

Natalie is very gifted, with a deep and pure connection to the divine. My Reiki session was amazing. I had suffered from pain and stiffness in my neck and back. She helped to release it, and I now feel 100 lbs. lighter. She also used light language and delivered intuitive messages that were both powerful and eye opening.


Dr. Harmony

It was a pleasure to watch Natalie transform throughout her journey towards finding her voice, owning her truth and reclaiming her power. I am confident that if you follow her advice, you too will take ownership of your feminine power and become the leader of your own life!

Sacred Success Stories

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